LEGENDARY: Design a Life Worth Celebrating

Practice self-care!

Negotiate a better salary!

Go back to school!

Get financially healthy!

Only commit to a supportive partner!

After hearing these wise exhortations, have you ever thought, “Great! YES! All of that! …now, how exactly do I follow up and actually make that my life?”

Sudden life changes, day-to-day stressors, and “living your best life” can truly become quite overwhelming to navigate, even for the most capable of us. You could use trial-and-error to brute force your way to the life you imagine, which works for some people, or you can walk that path with the reassurance of having your own personal Life Management Advisor by your side. Someone to help create the version of you that’s genuinely living a life worth celebrating.

How would that help? Life Management Advisors facilitate the insight, resources, and competence that enable you to turn that internet guru’s “prescription for the good life” into your own Legendary Life. Our top priority is exhausting every resource to help you build up the self-knowledge, confidence, and support you need to lead a gratifying life full of meaning and purpose. Think of us as project managers for your life goals. Our holistic approach to significant lifestyle and behavior change incorporates your::

~ career
~ finance
~ education/knowledge
~ spiritual life
~ health
~ relationships

Next steps . . .

Clearly, this is no idle New Year’s Resolution to you! You have already taken the first few steps:
1. you recognized there is a more amazing “YOU” that you want to become
2. you decided you want to tap another resource to help you climb that mountain
3. you visited this site so you could consider engaging a Life Management Advisor

The next step is deciding if a Life Management Advisor is truly the perfect fit for the way you work.


What is our philosophy on Lifestyle Design?


Literally anything! No hyperbole. We truly believe whatever you imagine your Legendary Life to be is achievable… *with* a few conditions. The right combination of resources, timing, and support are absolutely critical for this to work. If you have few resources, you just need more time and support. If you are short on time, you just need more resources and support, and so on. If you are ready to dig in and absolutely obliterate those barriers, we can get to work!

Life Management Advisors, as one of your resources:
· help identify and connect you to the other resources you need to make Legendary Lifestyle changes
· rally the support that will keep you focused, motivated, and inspired to persevere

The timing? Now that one is up to you. What are you willing to make time for? How much time are you willing to dedicate to reaching your Legendary Life? What is your Legendary Life worth to you? LET’S TALK !

Ready to get started?



6 to 8 month process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessment
~ business plan development
~ strengths diagnostic
~ service and pricing design
~ first-impact marketing plan
~ referral marketing strategy
~ logistics and structural guidance
~ preliminary exit framework

walk away with:
+ a new business plan
+ significant progress toward launch of new business
+ connection to network of resources for ongoing support
+ confidence in ability to reach sustainable income goals

– $3850 –
*best option for professionals working to build a new enterprise


4 to 6 month process includes:
~ business plan redevelopment
~ service and pricing redesign
~ operational blueprint
~ referral marketing strategy
~ change management guidance
~ preliminary exit framework

walk away with:
+ understanding of change management needs
+ behavioral marketing to boost client engagement
+ redesigned services that capitalize on your unique expertise

– $3650 –
*best option for current business owners seeking growth


2 to 3 week process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessment
~ business idea development
~ strengths diagnostic

walk away with:
+ a new business road map
+ preliminary business plan
+ awareness of your readiness for entrepreneurship
+ clear framework for next steps toward business launch

– $575 –
*best option for professionals considering entrepreneurship

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Have more questions? Good! Call us to talk more about the HOW. How to identify exactly what you want your life to be. How to map out a path to this Legendary Life. How to connect deeply with people who are on parallel roads. How to let go of the frivolities to make room for everything you are just aching to do/be. How to finance these changes, if necessary. How to walk the path and appreciate the journey as well as the destination. How to genuinely and meaningfully CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

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