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Hallinger supports YOU!

Hallinger Life Management’s vision is to create a strong, widespread entrepreneurial culture across Chicago and the entire Midwest. We believe small business ownership …
allows you to be more empowered and financially stable
protects the region from economic volatility
and helps to reduce income inequality.

Our business strategy supports this goal by using behavioral science techniques to help you and other micro-enterprise owners survive past the one-year threshold and thrive well into the future. We aggressively promote ethical business practices that respect customers, employees, and community members as human beings AND partners-in-success while still earning healthy profits. We live this everyday and know that you and our other clients can, too.

Community Engagement:

We strongly believe that it is our responsibility to work with our community to improve the state of the world around us. Currently, we support WTTW (the Chicago area’s oldest PBS affiliate), the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and Consumer Reports. We encourage you to visit these websites for more information about their efforts, to contribute financially, and to find out about volunteer or partnership opportunities.

About Natalie J. Hallinger, PhD Principal, Behavior Change Strategy Advisor
Natalie uses a social psychology-anchored approach to building the systems-level infrastructure that facilitates ethical, long-term behavior change at scale. Her favorite consulting projects involve Bootstrappers (clients who self-fund their company and hustle hard to make sure it thrives) because her entrepreneurial journey began at 15 years old by slowly leveraging her lunch money into a bespoke jewelry design business that lasted for 14 years. On the other hand, her favorite change management projects involve innovative ideas for large scale behavior change related to environmental sustainability because Natalie knows that humans need to be thoughtful social partners to animals and planet in order to continue thriving in this unique global ecosystem. On a personal note, she is an avid dark chocolate enthusiast and loves to spend time on solo motorcycle rides across the mountains of the Western U.S. on her Honda Shadow 750.

Natalie earned her B.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a PhD from Loyola University Chicago. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of Perpetual – a global facilitator of city reuse systems to eliminate single-use disposable products, of Minds Over Melanin – a mental health access and advocacy resource for diverse communities, and as an official mentor to recipients of the National Science Foundation’s Innovative Postdoctoral Entrepreneurial Research Fellowship. She previously served on the Public Awareness Steering Committee for Parenting ACE as well as on the Associate’s Board of the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center, the Loyola University Chicago Faculty Advisory Board, and the Loyola University Chicago Applied Psychology Program Advisory Board. Natalie is open to new Advisory Board positions and specializes in:

+ behavior change strategy for investor engagement, client acquisition, and workforce management
+ client acquisition strategies and referral engine tactics for independent consultants and boutique consultancies
+ behavioral insights and research for tech product design and user engagement
Past: Walgreens Health, Litterati, Cook County Health, NJM Consulting, Natural Focus LE, Tainted Muse Publishing
Contact Natalie directly at

About Phillip C. Hallinger, LCPC Lead Counselor
Phillip’s philosophy is based on the conviction that every individual can attain significant evolution. His therapeutic style is rooted in an eclectic combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Reality Therapy. Phil approaches behavioral – emotional issues as they relate to your experience with unconditional positive regard and a devotion to meaningful self-transformation. He earned his B.A. from Grand Valley State University and holds an M.A. from Roosevelt University. He is also a certified Relaxation, Meditation, & Mindfulness facilitator. As an independent, licensed counselor in the state of Illinois, Phil specializes in issues relating to:
+ career and lifestyle-related stress management
+ relaxation training
Past: Urban Balance, Hamdard Health Center, JCFS, LSSI
Contact Phillip directly at

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