Did you ever learn the logistics of actually launching and growing your own thriving business beyond occasional freelancing? How to convincingly and consistently sell yourself without feeling like a fraud? As a consultant, planner, advisor, trainer, counselor, designer, agent, freelancer, or coach… You have to watch out for the following:

heavily discounting prices below sustainable levels just to attract a customer
survival work that fails to impress your clients and doesn’t generate referrals
stuck offering services that are boring, simplistic, and uninspiring
tedious work that is outside your focused area of expertise
marketing strategies that feel like selling your soul

These are all signs that your business has hit a serious dry spell. No one wants to get trapped in that kind of rut. A long-term sustainable venture requires more intentional business management and upkeep to:

build a pipeline of strong leads
design compelling service offerings
command lucrative fees and consistent revenue

This isn’t a secret. It’s definitely old news. Every consultant either 1) knows this already or 2) will learn it very, very quickly. Knowledge is not the problem here. Applying it is the tricky part.

HOW do you get a pipeline of strong leads? HOW do you create a compelling service offering? HOW do you persuade clients to consistently pay lucrative fees?

* * * * * SPOILER ALERT! * * * * *

There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Your business sits in a specific area of your industry, you have a set of skills drawn from unique professional experiences, you have particular personal or financial resources and commitments, certain techniques are a better match for your values and goals, etc. Because of that, your enterprise is distinct from all others. Now the questions above become more targeted by changing the emphasis. In your current situation…

~ How do YOU get a pipeline of strong leads?
~ How do YOU create a compelling service offering?
~ How do YOU persuade clients to consistently pay lucrative fees?

ANSWER: You need a business management strategy and tactics that complement your situational context.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Building and growing a business is hard work, but it is not rocket science. You do have to map out a plan-of-action that’s workable for you. That’s where we come in.

HUDDLE in a nutshell

We get you to YOUR HOW. We start by understanding who you are, what you know, what you have access to, what you value, and where you want to go. With hands-on guidance, approachable techniques, and tactical resources, we partner with you to transform what you have into what you want. Even if you are not an aggressive salesperson, build the future that business ownership opens up for you. YOUR WAY.

In HUDDLE, you navigate the business development, maintenance, and growth process confidently with a supportive advisor at your side. Working with us, you setup:

+ a value-aligned Referral Engine to consistently bring in strong leads
+ a highly targeted offering that elicits a “WOW!” from all of your clients
+ a positioning and pricing strategy that drives interesting work and stable revenue

Who do you call? What do you say? How do you decide? Essentially, we actively guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of turning your services into an actual long-term business. Questions? Good! Keep reading or

schedule a Discovery Call
schedule a Discovery Call for a brief chat.

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Is this YOU?

HUDDLE sessions deliver the best outcomes for people who can relate to the following:

I have at least 10 years of experience in my field.

I previously aimed for director-level or executive-level roles.

I’m aching to do more interesting work!

I’ve done contract work or freelancing and want to turn it into my full-time gig.

I have some professional connections to people within my field and in other industries.


Our support options capitalize on your deep background in your industry, your interest in leading the work, your hunger for more creative challenges, your navigation of the difference between teamwork and client-facing work, and your exposure to professionals in different industries. The suite of tips, tricks, tools, content, and people we pull from to support you are most successful when you come in with this general background.


Hallinger Life Management’s support options are targeted to people with the above situational context. If you don’t identify with that, you can still be a successful solopreneur, though you would benefit from working with other business management advisors that specialize in your context. Drop us an email and we’ll try to find a few recommendations for you!

WHY work with Hallinger Life Management?

We go above and beyond asynchronous video recordings and worksheets to give you hands-on, intensive, and practical guidance. We’re right beside you every step of the way, prompting your progress with nuanced questions, examples, resources, feedback, and insights.

Q: Why are we so involved?


1. Entrepreneurship is often born out of ambition, challenge-seeking, legacy-chasing, or even discrimination-dodging. People of color and women are often denied the kinds of mentorship and support necessary to build a successful business. We want to be that support. Real support that leads to a 10, 20, or 30+ year old thriving small business. A business that your family and community admires and maybe even wants to emulate some day. A business that provides an income that doesn’t require a side-hustle. A business that could grow to support employees. Being a part of that is amazing and incredibly fulfilling!

2. There is a lot of business management advice out there. The missing piece? The HOW. The HOW is the most important part!

We use behavior change and change management approaches to translate the well-worn business advice into actionable steps that respect your unique situation, values, and preferences. We get to #1 (supporting successful small businesses) by getting you access to the tools and resources that will help you build your perfect pathway. 

3. Lastly, we want you to be so successful that you can’t wait to refer us to your network. Just finishing the “course” isn’t enough. We want you to see obvious evidence that our support has boosted your client acquisition rate, your impact, AND your revenue. Without that, what’s the point? You pay us today, but never contribute to our professional community or tell anyone about us? No thanks!

We practice what we preach by using referrals to keep our business consistent and sustainable. Our impact is our credibility. That means we have a vested interest in your actual, observable success.

P.S. There’s a lot of “we” and “us” being thrown around, right? Well, here, “we” often means “Natalie” because she is the principal advisor and leads service delivery for Hallinger Life Management. However, whenever a special expertise is needed to help you (ie. accounting, growth marketing, web design, etc.), Natalie brings in one of over 1,500 seasoned professionals in her network to get the job done. Every solopreneur needs a support team to be successful. No exceptions.

Curious whether you and Natalie would make a good team for your solopreneurship support goals? Schedule a brief Discovery Call to see if you both communicate well and operate on the same page! If not, she can often recommend another business management support professional who may be a better fit.


What are your options?



16 to 32 week process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessments
~ situational context assessments
~ group seminars
~ strategy sessions
~ 1:1 build sessions
~ newsletter subscription
~ templates, tools, and insights
~ follow-up touchpoints

walk away with:
+ entrepreneurial support map
+ consulting services showcase
+ client acquisition strategy and tactics
+ pricing strategy and service distinction
+ change management roadmap
+ Referral Engine strategy and tactics
+ Wildly Successful profile

– $6,572 –
*best option for aspiring independent consultants seeking comprehensive business building support


8 to 12 week process includes:
~ situational context assessment
~ strategy sessions
~ newsletter subscription
~ targeted templates, tools, and insights
~ change management guidance

walk away with:
+ understanding of change management needs
+ change management roadmap
+ resources and tools to transition processes
– $3,964 –
*best option for aspiring solopreneur consultants 


2 week process includes:
~ situational context assessment
~ mastermind session
~ advisory insights

walk away with:
+ a new business road map
+ preliminary business plan
+ awareness of your entrepreneurial supports
+ clear framework for next steps

*best option for solopreneur consultants seeking deep feedback on their product, pitch, or business strategy

Schedule a Discovery Call now to tell us more about your consulting practice and where you might be stuck. This call is where we begin a dialogue with you about business ownership, life goals, and any questions you may have about how we can help. Let’s discuss the challenges you’re working to overcome.

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