Consultants, planners, advisors, trainers, counselors, designers, agents, freelancers, and coaches… Are you doing any of the following?

heavily discounting prices below sustainable levels just to attract a customer
survival work that fails to impress your clients and doesn’t generate referrals
stuck offering services that are familiar or easy, rather than exciting
tedious work that is outside your focused area of expertise
marketing strategies that feel like selling your soul

Pardon our bluntness, but you’re in a rut. These are all signs that your business is missing some critical components and has hit a serious dry spell. KEEP READING to see how we can help you!

Even if you have never consulted before, as a knowledge worker, you have the training and experience to perform a highly specialized skill. Did you ever learn the logistics of actually launching and growing your own thriving business beyond occasional freelancing? How to convincingly and consistently sell yourself without feeling like a fraud?

Before you can actually:

~ build a sustainable consulting practice
~ design an irresistible service package
~ capture and expand an enthusiastic client base
~ command respectable fees that match your income goals

You absolutely MUST setup:

+ a value-aligned Referral Engine to consistently bring in revenue
+ a highly targeted offering that elicits a “WOW!” from all of your clients
+ a business strategy that grows your side-hustle to long-term entrepreneurship
+ an impressive visualization of key accomplishments to demonstrate your credibility

Whatever your financial targets and lifestyle goals are, you need more than a business plan, a nice website, and solid skills in order to get you there. You need targeted business management support. Call us now or schedule a virtual discovery call to discuss your current business planning stage, what your goals are, what critical skills or resources you need to make that a reality, and whether our approach is a good fit for the way you think.

HUDDLE in a nutshell

Hallinger Life Management’s independent consultant support ushers you through the process of building a sustainable practice that fully supports your lifestyle, even if you are not an aggressive salesperson. We use approachable techniques, hands-on guidance, tactical resources, flexible timelines, and follow-up support to put you on the right path. Build the future that business ownership opens up for you.

In HUDDLE, you navigate the business development, launch, and maintenance process confidently with a supportive advisor at your side. Working with us, you gain
1) a sounding board for all your entrepreneurial ideas,
2) a strategist for your business management planning,
3) a researcher to identify the resources that complement your strengths,
4) a roadtester to practice your pitches on,
5) an evaluator to target and alleviate your blindspots, and
6) a cheerleader to keep you energized and focused enough to get back on track when plans go awry.

Essentially, you come in with your ideas and talent, then we guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of turning a service into an actual business. Questions? Great. LET’S TALK !

Is this YOU?

HUDDLE sessions deliver the best outcomes for
A) mid-career professionals who feel stifled in their current jobs, but have little or no prior business management experience
B) part-time consultants who want to grow their side-hustle into a full-time business
C) freelancers or boutique consultancies that are struggling to keep a consistent flow of clients

Support sessions accompany you from idea through your first clients. Hallinger Life Management’s advisors complement your own talents to help elevate your venture to a thriving enterprise.

WHY work with Hallinger Life Management?

We go above and beyond asynchronous video recordings and worksheets to give you hands-on, intensive and practical guidance. We’re right beside you every step of the way, prompting your progress with nuanced questions, examples, resources, and options.

Why are we so involved? Because our ultimate goal is for you to be so successful that you can’t wait to refer us to your network. Just finishing the “course” isn’t enough. We want you to see obvious evidence that our support has boosted your client acquisition rate AND your revenue.

Without that, what’s the point? You pay us today, but never contribute to our professional community or tell anyone about us? No thanks! We practice what we preach by using referrals to keep our business consistent and sustainable. Our impact is our credibility. That means we have a vested interest in your actual, observable success.

Curious about your options?

What are your options?



6 to 8 month process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessment
~ business plan development
~ strengths diagnostic
~ service and pricing design
~ first-impact marketing plan
~ referral marketing strategy
~ logistics and structural guidance
~ preliminary exit framework

walk away with:
+ a new business plan
+ significant progress toward launch of new business
+ connection to network of resources for ongoing support
+ confidence in ability to reach sustainable income goals

– $3850 –
*best option for professionals working to build a new enterprise


4 to 6 month process includes:
~ business plan redevelopment
~ service and pricing redesign
~ operational blueprint
~ referral marketing strategy
~ change management guidance
~ preliminary exit framework

walk away with:
+ understanding of change management needs
+ behavioral marketing to boost client engagement
+ redesigned services that capitalize on your unique expertise

– $3650 –
*best option for current business owners seeking growth


2 to 3 week process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessment
~ business idea development
~ strengths diagnostic

walk away with:
+ a new business road map
+ preliminary business plan
+ awareness of your readiness for entrepreneurship
+ clear framework for next steps toward business launch

– $575 –
*best option for professionals considering entrepreneurship

Want to see a preview of our work?

Give us a call now or schedule a virtual discovery call to tell us more about your business idea and where you might be stuck. This call is where we begin a dialogue with you about business ownership, life goals, and any questions you may have about how we can help. Let’s discuss the challenges you’re working to overcome before determining whether you are a good fit for this type of partnership.

Want to contact us outside of business hours with questions about HUDDLE?
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