HUDDLE: Business Development Guidance

Consultants, planners, advisors, trainers, counselors, designers, agents, freelancers, and coaches… As a professional services provider, you were trained to perform a highly specialized skill. Did that training also teach you the logistics of actually launching and growing your own thriving business?

You should have solid strategies to:

~ build a lucrative, self-funded firm
~ design an irresistable service package
~ capture and expand an enthusiastic client base
~ command respectable fees for your amazing work

What are your ideas about how your business should progress, whom it will serve, how you will be perceived as the owner, and what kind of lifestyle entrepreneurship will create for you? Whatever your entrepreneurial vision, financial targets, and personal goals are, you need a solid plan and intuitive roadmap to get you there. Not sure if you’re on the right path? Call us to talk about which business planning stage you are in right now and what you plan to accomplish.

HUDDLE in a nutshell

Hallinger Life Management’s private consultation sessions usher you to the kind of practice and lifestyle you are aiming for. Our support puts you on the right path to building the future you see business ownership opening up for you. Tell us all about your dream and we will help you master the logistical details.

In HUDDLE, you navigate the business development, launch, and maintenance process confidently with a supportive advisor at your side. Working with us, you gain a sounding board for all your entrepreneurial ideas, a strategist for your business management planning, a researcher to identify the resources that complement your strengths, a roadtester to practice your pitches on, an evaluator to target and alleviate your blindspots, and a coach to get you back on track and energized when plans go awry.

Essentially, you come in with your ideas and talent, then we guide you through the nuts-and-bolts of turning a service into an actual business. Questions? Good. LET’S TALK !

Ideal for . . .

HUDDLE sessions are ideal for people with little or no prior business management experience, people who are self-funding their business, and solopreneurs/freelancers who are still seeking a proactive business mentor to guide their growth. Support is available for the life of your business project and Hallinger Life Management’s advisors complement your own talents to help elevate your venture to a thriving enterprise.



6 to 8 month process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessment
~ business plan development
~ strengths diagnostic
~ service and pricing design
~ first-impact marketing plan
~ referral marketing strategy
~ logistics and structural guidance
~ preliminary exit framework

walk away with:
+ a new business plan
+ significant progress toward launch of new business
+ connection to network of resources for ongoing support
+ confidence in ability to reach sustainable income goals

– $3850 –
*best option for professionals working to build a new enterprise


4 to 6 month process includes:
~ business plan redevelopment
~ service and pricing redesign
~ operational blueprint
~ referral marketing strategy
~ change management guidance
~ preliminary exit framework

walk away with:
+ understanding of change management needs
+ behavioral marketing to boost client engagement
+ redesigned services that capitalize on your unique expertise

– $3650 –
*best option for current business owners seeking growth


2 to 3 week process includes:
~ entrepreneurial readiness assessment
~ business idea development
~ strengths diagnostic

walk away with:
+ a new business road map
+ preliminary business plan
+ awareness of your readiness for entrepreneurship
+ clear framework for next steps toward business launch

– $575 –
*best option for professionals considering entrepreneurship

Give us a call now to tell us more about your business idea! There is no obligation, we’d just love to begin a dialogue with you about business ownership and life goals. Let’s discuss the challenges you’re working to overcome before determining whether you are a good fit for this type of partnership.

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