• Spark

    Business and Product Ideal Development

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  • Bootstrap

    Lean Startup Processes for Self-funded FirmsEvery business, no matter the industry, requires startup capital. As a self-funded entrepreneur, each move, contract, and decision you make has far-reaching consequences for the success of your firm. A savvy business-owner can set a new venture off on the right foot with a targeted, no-frills action plan, even on a lean budget.

    BOOTSTRAP takes you through the steps of identifying the most critical processes for your specific venture to focus on as you navigate the startup journey. You boost the impact of each startup dollar while projecting a professional image, offering stellar services, and commanding profitable prices.

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  • Roar

    Word-of-Mouth Referrals & MarketingSmall businesses rise and fall on their reputation amongst clients and peers. In the absence of multimillion dollar advertising budgets, word-of-mouth marketing is the most powerful and economical method of identifying consistent sources of referrals to keep your firm the first choice for potential clients. Taking advantage of past work, you create opportunities for future business with a web of contacts that need you the most.

    ROAR gives you the resources, tools, and guidance to develop a personalized word-of-mouth marketing and referral plan that boosts the flow of clients to your doorstep year after year. You then leverage the strong relationships with your customers, peers, and partners to build up a surplus of ongoing client demand.

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  • Command

    Professional Presence & AppearanceProfessional presence is not just the clothes you wear, but includes the way you carry yourself, the work and people you are associated with, the communication style you choose, and the way people feel about you in your absence. The impressions you create extend to your firm’s reputation and products. Aligning your image to your goals increases the odds of forming strategic partnerships, promotions, and elevating the status of your work.

    COMMAND walks you through activities to enhance aspects of your self-presentation identified as the most beneficial for your specific demands. Genuinely present an optimized version of yourself to project strength, competence, and warmth to your clients and associates.

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  • Balance

    Juggling Business & Personal CommitmentsA healthy personal life and entrepreneurship can seem to be polar opposites, especially when raw ambition demands sacrificing one for the other. Just as launching your new business requires research and hard work, maintaining personal connections, relationships, family roles, and activities also requires active attention. Rather than an afterthought, homelife should serve as an anchor you can pivot from to tackle the challenges of business ownership. Determining how to keep that anchor stable while building your firm is a precarious, yet achievable task.

    BALANCE clarifies how aspects of lifestyle can be leveraged to improve your business sense as well as how common business practices can be repurposed for personal relationship maintenance and household management. Enjoy a sense of peace once the new approach you synthesize satisfies personal demands while optimizing your commitment to your business interests.

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  • Connect

    Networking Skills for Lucrative RelationshipsNo entrepreneur thrives in anonymity. Diverse relationships create a myriad of opportunities both personally and professionally. Rather than showing up for events looking for clients, position yourself as an expert leader in your niche that others intentionally seek out for mutually beneficial partnerships. Rise above the fear of networking by mastering the entire process and earning the respect of future collaborators and clients.

    CONNECT completely restructures your gameplan for in-person and virtual networking spaces so you go in with the right mindset, strategy, and relationship-building resources for capitalizing on lucrative opportunities. Establish a reputation as a go-to asset and target worthwhile partners with transformative possibilities.

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  • Hatch

    Creating Premium Services & PricingThere are hundreds of professional services available to your potential clients so you need to clearly distinguish your firm’s unique offerings. It is always tempting to use low prices, but this can undermine your credibility and create the impression of low quality. Posting the highest prices can communicate trendiness and exclusivity, but this could also backfire and drive clients away. What is the optimal pricing strategy for your service type and competition level?

    HATCH walks you through the process of developing enticing service packages so you immediately attract discerning clients and command respectability. Create an optimized price-point that rewards you for your hard-won expertise and accommodates the lifestyle you planned for as an entrepreneur.

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  • Hustle

    Mastering Logistics for Business LaunchEntrepreneurs launching new ventures have many needs: office space, laptop, business and professional licensing, family time, transportation, specialized software, capital, legal representation, health care, internet access, etc. Small firms usually have only a small team or just one person to handle the laundry list of items that need to be addressed before a successful debut. Tie up all the loose ends and position your firm to make a big impact.

    HUSTLE is a workspace for you to iron out the kinks in your launch plan and crowdsource strategies for tackling the unexpected while accessing critical resources in the Business Library. Take that last step from planning and scheming to launching and earning.

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  • Strategic Positioning for MicroEnterprisesDuring the business planning process, entrepreneurs make decisions about what services to provide, appropriate pricing, and office locations, but many neglect to consider how their firm fits into the local marketplace. Which types of competitors are you surrounded by and how does your business stand out? Firms with fewer than 10 employees in particular have the greatest need to actively distinguish their brand and services in order to thrive.

    NAVIGATE sets the stage for you to map out a unique value proposition that other firms cannot duplicate. Position your business so target clients can clearly see how your offerings are the best fit for their needs, even in a competitive industry.

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  • Prime

    Landing Your 1st & 500th ClientIndependent consultants have a tough time getting the first client in the door. Years of experience in your area of expertise is not enough to convince potential clients to choose your firm and offering a “free sample” is not always an option. Your best route to success is working through a strategy to build a credible reputation for your new business and keep that process operating for the next 10+ years.

    PRIME bridges the gap between launching your business and successfully welcoming your first paying client. You come away able to communicate your expertise, forward a compelling proposition, establish partnerships, and take the last crucial step to initiate work on your inaugural account by implementing the First Clients PlanTM you will personalize during the session.

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