IPERF Webinars & Workshops


  • TBD


  • November 8, 2023
    • PhD’s in Industry: Crafting Successful Careers in Startup & Industry Roles
  • June 28, 2022


Schedule an IPERF Mentoring Session

Set a 1-hour meeting with Natalie Hallinger, PhD to discuss one or more of the following topics and how they differ across universities, startups, corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies (local, state, and federal):
+ work culture
+ task expectations
+ career opportunities
+ startup founder insights
+ professional networking
+ salary and role negotiation


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Additional Resources

Work Culture

Task Expectations

Career Opportunities

Startup Founder Insights

  • Chicago Startup Week 2021 – YouTube videos of a webconference that will help you understand startup founders’ perspective and pain points

Professional Networking

Salary & Role Negotiation